In this section you can read the abstracts of some of the last theses discussed by the Master C&D students.

Academic year 2014-15 (18th edition)

A committee selected the best three theses. Read their master's stories

Lucia Colaiacovo: “Human Rights Monitoring in disaster affected areas: a baseline study in Mangochi district, Malawi”

Carla Zghendi: "ECHO food assistance for syrian refugees in Lebanon"

Jacopo Segnini: “Baseline analysis of the underlying causes of child undernutrition in eight health-areas of Luiza - Central Kasai, Democratic Republic of Congo”

Academic year 2013-14 (17th edition)

Boranga Barbara: “Telling stories, protecting people: combining visibility and security working with Civil Society in Syria”

Coratella Roberta: “The promotion of a decent work for all: the youth’s skills development and integration in the labor market as a key tool for poverty reduction and the human and sustainable development in Madagascar ”

Gotti Deborah: "Syrian crisis shelter response: diffused shelters or refugee camps? Lebanon, a study case"

Msyali Raphael: "Do Village Savings and Loan Associations Improve Household Food Security? Experiences from Mzimba District, Northern Malawi"

Nicosia Giulia: “Rice Value Chain Development in Karonga, Malawi: Two approaches at comparison"

Sautso Phiri: "Creating value for local economic circuit. The role of agricultural cooperatives"

Touray Amulai: “Domestic Resources Mobilization for Financing the Post 2015 Development Agenda in Developing Countries – A Case Study of Sub-Saharan African Countries”

Trozzo Chiara: "The importance of food security in an emergency context. The Roya crisis in Guatemala"

Vazhynska Olena: "Enhancing the Development Potential of Migrant Domestic Workers Through International Labour Agreements"

Vu Hoang Van: "Impact assessment of the child sponsorship program in Tamil Nadu, India using participatory approaches"

Zaman Tasnuva: “Analysing Gaps in Implementing Gender Equality within Food Security and Nutrition Development Programs. An Example from Bangladesh”









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