Development is a multi-faced phenomenon. The CDN provides the participants with the opportunity to achieve the highest professional standards in interpreting and managing the complexities of the dynamics of the development processes. But how?

Theory and practice
The CDN training is focused on a multidisciplinary approach to development and combines academic disciplines such as economics, history and human studies.
Thanks to a long-term partnership development professionals from NGOs and International Organizations offer a wide range of theoretical and practical experiences of project management.
Field experience is an essential aspect in understanding development; a period of internship is thus considered a major component within the Program.

Doing this together

  • Cooperation is not just about aid it is about sharing experiences. Within the CDN public and private institutions work together.
  • But the core value is the empowerment of people and capacity building of Developing Countries Institutions, thus promoting local ownership.
  • The treasure of CDN is the joint training and research activities among all the partners.



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