Today the CDN Program developed different initiatives all over the world on research and training at a higher educational level on cooperation and development field, namely:

Pavia, Italy - Master in Cooperation and Development (C&D)
The Master Program in Cooperation and Development (Pavia, Italy) features a 14-month schedule open to students coming from different cultural and academic background It foresees more than 500 hours of classes and seminars, with a special focus on disciplines related to Development Economics, but also covering History, Sociology, Human Rights and Managerial aspects related to International Cooperation. The Program is full time and is fully taught in English. Following the residential period in Pavia, all the students carry out an internship for a minimum duration of 3 months which can be either a on-the-field experience with one of the partner organizations or a research period in an International Institution. As partial fulfilment of the Master requirements, students are required to write a thesis linked to their internship experience or on a research issue of their interest.

Bethlehem, Palestine – Master in Cooperation and Development (MICAD)
The Master in Cooperation and Development (Bethlehem) features a 24-month schedule over two academic years. The Program is taught part-time in order to allow participants, which are mainly already employed, to carry out working activities. All classes are given in English by experienced Palestinian and foreign lecturers. Over the two years, courses cover four main areas: Economics, Social Studies, International Studies and Project Management, with a constant focus on the Middle East. After completing all taught courses, students are required to submit a thesis, which represents the core of their academic achievements. Students interested in acquiring field-experience with one of the partner organizations may be assigned an internship. At the end of the second year, students will defend their thesis before a committee of MICAD lecturers. The NGO VIS has the leading role in the management of the Master.

Cartagena des Indias, Colombia – Escuela Latinoamericana de Cooperation y Desarollo (ELACID)
The Escuela Latino-Americana de Cooperaciòn y Desarrollo (Cartagena des Indias, Colombia) is a research center for higher education that offers a 12-month full time Master program in Cooperation and Human Development with a specific focus on Latin America. The Program, open to students with different academic backgrounds, features a theoretical part taught in Spanish and English covering three main macro areas: Economic, Sociopolitical and Project Managment issues.
Students are then required to complete a 3-month field training in one of the Latin American countries and write a final thesis based on their practical experience. The NGO COOPI, in consortium with CISP and VIS, has the leading role in the management of the Master.

Kathmandhu, Nepal – Master in International Cooperation and Development (MICD)
Under the coordination and support of the CDN, a Master Program is being established in South Asia. The Mid-western University (MU) and the International School of Advanced Study (ISAS) of Kathmandu, Nepal launched in the academic year 2013-14 the first edition of the Master in International Cooperation and Development (MICD). In line with the format of all the Master programs, MICD’s curriculum follow the structure of the other twin programs but paying attention to the local needs and specificities.

Nairobi, Kenya – Master in Economics Cooperation and Human Development (MECOHD)
The Network has been working to establish a new Master Program initiative, leaded by CISP, in Nairobi - Kenya. The local partner institution is Kenyatta University, Nairobi. The other partners are: the United Nation Development Program and the Tangaza College, Nairobi. The Master Program Curriculum follows the general structure of the other Master courses of the network but with relevant differences due to local requirements. Added value are: a strong relationship with research activities; a consistent link with field experiences and CBOs; international seminars to be developed in parallel with the master course.
The Master course is targeted for 35 working students, and is developed in the evening classes and Week-ends. Scholarships are available.


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